Hi, I'm Akhil.

My work focuses on building products that use experimental technologies for the mainstream audience.

I've created , , , & , among other ventures.
With over a decade in the field, I've gained experience in AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Full Stack & mobile engineering. Additionally, I've held management roles like CTO and VP of Engineering with teams of over 40 engineers.

Along with this, I've been awarded the Apple WWDC Scholarship, Facebook's F8 Scholarship, OSV fellowship grant, co-invented 3 in computer vision, and have several research publications to my name.

Who Am I

Born in New Delhi, India, I'm a slightly awkward but fun loving person. I like painting, playing chess, and watching tv shows in my free time.
I listen to Rap & 70s rock music. I can type more but this website is already full of text, so here are some links to read more about me -

What I Do

With 15 years of professional experience, I've crafted both mobile and web apps. Over time, I've contributed to 40 indie and freelance projects that have been spotlighted by major outlets like Yahoo News, Engadget, Time Magazine, and NDTV.

When I was just 12, I developed my first iOS app, iMusic. It skyrocketed to the global top 100 on the AppStore in less than a week post-launch. ッ
As a dare, I also managed to be the first person in the world to & back in 2014!
Combined, my products have been used by well over 10M people around the world & I've built companies valued at over $50M USD. I've co-invented 3 and have several research publications to my name. Oh, and I can fly an airplane!

I love what I do and you can find me around the internet, mostly on and . You might also know me by my alt, @Saltb0x.

Where I Am

Chicago, IL

Let's chat! akhiltolani777@gmail.com