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I am Akhil Tolani. 21 year old & an iOS developer with a knack for being different.
Currently working as CTO & Co-founder at StyleDotMe's Augmented Reality Platform.
Rapchat, Ambo, iMusic, amongst others on the Apple Appstore.
I have 7+ years of experience & i've worked on all types of projects like Audio, Video, AI/ML, crypto, social, etc.

Along with this, i won the WWDC'19 Scholarship this year!

Who Am I

Born in Delhi, i'm a slightly awkward but fun loving person.
I like drawing, playing table tennis, partying and watching tv shows
I listen to Rap & 70s rock music. I work so that i can buy nice cars & travel the world.

What I Do

Professionally I have 7 years of experience making iOS & Android apps, i've worked on 40 different indie+freelance projects
that have been featured by Yahoo news, engadget, time magazine, ndtv etc.
My first iOS AppStore app which i made when i was 13 years old reached overall top 100 in less than a week after launch. :-)
My AppStore Apps have cumulatively got over 1.2 million downloads, I have co-invented 2 patents, and i know how to fly an aeroplane!

I love what I do and you can find me around the internet, mostly on .
I like go by the name @Saltb0x around the internet.

Where I Am

New Delhi, India

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